Satellite Projects



Agustina Ferreyra presents..."Julio Suárez": Opening June 1st

As part of MECA’s Satellite Projects, Galería Agustina Ferreyra will feature additional works by Julio Suárez on view at the Gallery's main space in Miramar.

El Lobi presents..."Territorial Landscapes - Monuments": Opening May 5th

Presenting an individual showcase of recent works by Myritza Castillo, curated by Vanessa Hernández Gracia.

Espacio Minerva presents..."En capilla ardiente": Opening June 1st

Solo show of artist Garvin Sierra, featuring sample work of approximately 25 pieces of mixed media art about education, freedom of expression, PuertoRican immigration, amongst others. 

Km 0.2 presents..."FAMA": Opening May 26th

FAMA is considered as an exchange place that puts into practice theories about capital and cultural exchanges, experimenting with modes of presentation and exhibition that feed back the forms of production (and institutional piracy) of the artists that make up the project.

La Productora presents..."El lenguaje de las sombras": Opening May 30th

Solo show by artist Jotham Malavé.

Matadero Art presents..."Deconstrucción del Trópico": Opening June 1st

This collective exhibition proposes a walkthrough painting, sculpture and photography that puts in check the traditional image of the Caribbean. DECONSTRUCTION OF THE TROPIC is a critical response to the stereotypes with which the island of Puerto Rico has traditionally been represented, a counterproposal that shows that the richness of Puerto Rican art goes far beyond the piña colada.

Pitirre Proyectos presents..."Sinestesia": Opening May 30th

An individual sample of photographs by Arnaldo Cotto at Casa Aboy.

Radamés "Juni" Figueroa + Hielo A.I.R. present..."Warevel Socio": Opening June 1st

Independent pop-up project featuring various collaborations between the artist, Radamés "Juni" Figueroa, and the musical and skateboarding communities in Puerto Rico.

Recinto Cerra + Produce Model Gallery (Chicago) present..."Incensario / Incensarium": Opening June 2nd

Produce Model Gallery, in collaboration with Recinto Cerra, will present a visual investigation by artist Maggie Crowley.

REM Project presents..."La Comuna": Opening June 1st

Located at Cerra St. #621.

Zawahra Alejandro presents..."Nos comieron los dulces": Opening April 2nd

Individual exhibition by artist Rafael Miranda Mattei, "Nos comieron los dulces" ("they ate our candy"), is a participative installation where he appropriates esthetic and concept from Felix Gonzalez Torres' work to comment with humor and irony on Puerto Rico's present socio-economic state.


Diagonal presents..."Censura • Desconexión": Opening June 3rd

Collective exhibition presenting works by various artists who, through their practice, question concepts of control, surveillance, politics and media censorship, and social unplugging.

Hidrante presents..."rePAREMOS": Opening June 2nd

rePAREMOS is a series of workshops that explore, in the context of Puerto Rico, repair and reuse as practices that destabilize consumer logic and neoliberal capitalist ideology.

Matadero Art presents..."Inconsciente Colectivo": Opening June 1st

INCONSCIENTE COLECTIVO is about the reconstruction of a series of images linked to popular consumerism. Throughout them, mementos from childhood are resurfaced in the nostalgia of flavors, scents and the experiences of what was and no longer is.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo presents..."Arte en concreto: Lo concreto en el arte": Opening June 2nd

Collaborative project between the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico and the Foundation Project The Line of My Thought, that explores the utilization of construction materials and tools in the contemporary art production in Puerto Rico.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico presents..."I ♥ My Selfie": Book Presentation May 31st

"I ♥ My Selfie" book presentation featuring a conversation between Ilan Stavans, Adál Maldonado, and museum curator Juan Carlos López Quintero.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico presents..."Pulguero / Flea Market": Opening April 27th

Guided tour (RSVP only) of artist and photographer Víctor Vázquez' show "Pulguero / Flea Market".

REM Project presents..."There is always a light to turn off": Opening June 1st

Collective exhibition on Canales St.


REM Project presents..."Ya": Opening May 31st

By artist Celso González on Ashford Ave.


Ana Mas Projects presents..."Punto de partida": Opening April 27th

"Punto de partida" ("Point of Departure") is a collective exhibition that takes place in the trail of foreign / alien space. Location: Open Studios Project

Ateneo Puertorriqueño presents..."Paisaje Interior / Internal Landscape": Opening June 1st

Recent installation of Carlos Rivera Villafañe in collaboration with the artist Marta Mabel Pérez. A contemporary reflection on Puerto Rican landscape, curated by Mercedes Trelles.

Beta Local presents..."Soñé con la guerra y no me mataron / I dreamt of war and wasn't killed": Opening June 2nd

"I dreamt of war and wasn't killed" encompasses topics to semantic constructions of game / play, geology, history and materialization of the subconscious through approaches to different mediums such as video, drawing, and sculpture.

Fundación Casa Cortés presents..."Encuentros / Desencuentros": Opening June 2nd

Thirteen Puerto Rican masters "converse" with the work of other Caribbean and Latin American artists through formal and conceptual dialogues that propose spaces communion and diversion lines from the gaze of professor and exhibition curator Adlin Ríos Rigau.

Independent Curator Melissa M. Ramos Borges presents..."Simulacro": Opening May 24th

A collective exhibition conceptualized and organized by art historian and independent curator Melissa M. Ramos Borges presenting 20 artists' work on Baudrillard's concepts of simulation.

Architect Raquel Pérez Puig presents..."Souvenir 154": Opening June 1st

A diverse selection of artists and designers on the theme of "mementos" or souvenirs.


El Cuadrado Gris + Área: Lugar de proyectos present..."Contemplación / Confrontación": Opening May 31st

Collaboration project between Área: Lugar de proyectos and El Cuadrado Gris presenting works by eleven artists that approach photography beyond its documentation quality.

Galería de Arte de la Universidad de Sagrado Corazón presents..."99 + 1 = La Centena" (The Centenary): Opening May 4th

Collective exhibition celebrating the centenary uninterrupted exhibition and programming at Universidad de Sagrado Corazón for the past 22 years, paying homage to a centenary of artists that have been the protagonists of the past 99 exhibitions.


Embajada presents..."One Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy One Rides": Opening June 3rd

Solo show of artist Chemi Rosado.


Proyecto Local presents..."Permutaciones": Opening May 25th

Recent photographic work by Yamcy Leslie Rodríguez.


Área: Lugar de proyectos presents...second cycle of projects 2017: Opening April 20th / MECA special viewing June 3rd

Presenting two exhibition projects by artists Abdiel Segarra-Ríos and Natalia Almonte.