MECA International Art Fair

MECA, short for MErcado CAribeño (Spanish for "Caribbean Market"), will take place in Santurce, from June 1st - 4th of 2017 at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico. Founded and directed by Tony Rodríguez and Daniel Báez, MECA will be the meeting point and international platform for the Caribbean art market, made up of a brilliant assembly of young artists and galleries.

The main objective is to stimulate art collection. Puerto Rico has a growing art market—with a prosperous artists' community—that is making a solid statement in the international art circuit.

“MECA is part of a deed to strengthen and support an art ecosystem that deserves to see the fruition of its admirable work and to have the opportunity to be able to continue growing, keeping the momentum of past initiatives and providing a platform for something new”.
––Tony Rodríguez, Co-founder and Director of MECA
  Photo by Mariángel Gonzales

Photo by Mariángel Gonzales


The Conservatorio de Música is a perfect and welcoming setting for an event that aims to offer an alternative to the well-known format of art fairs. Its facilities are located on one side of the Condado Lagoon en route to Old San Juan on Ponce de León Avenue. These border with the well-known Calle Cerra and Avenida Manuel Fernández Juncos where the growing activity of exhibition spaces, galleries and artists' workshops have won the recognition of publications such as the New York Times and the Phaidon publishing house, with its publication Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes.



This effort, which is a product of self-management and collective will, was born in the hands of Tony Rodríguez, Director and Co-Founder, Daniel Báez, Director, Co-Founder and curator at large, and Mariángel Gonzales, as Producer and Project Manager. The initiative is supported by the work of Hazel Colón from Inversión Cultural; in addition to the work of cultural affairs' managers María del Mar Frederique and María del Mar Caragol; the efforts of entrepreneurs Emil Medina from Buena Vibra Group and Simón Carrillo from Quest, who will be in charge of the physical assembly of the event; and DD–Diseño as design direction partner.


Tony Rodríguez
Director & Co-founder



Daniel báez
Director & Co-founder



Mariángel gonzales
producer & project manager



maría del mar caragol
Vip program director



hazel colón
cultural arts director



maría del mar frederique
special projects manager



simón carrillo
associate producer


design direction partner